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Financial Planning

Putting everything together is a daunting task. Financial planning cannot be viewed as a collection of isolated topics like Retirement, Tax, Education, and Estate. As you move through your life stages, a change in one aspect of your life can affect the entire financial picture. We are here to help you put your financial life in order.

High Valley Financial Planning Services takes the following steps to develop your unique financial plan, and to help you navigate through your life stages.

  1. We first listen to your vision and your desired lifestyle during various stages of your life, from which we arrive at an approximate spending target.
  2. We take into consideration other moving elements such as career changes, changes in family dynamics, relocation, healthcare costs, life expectancy, taxation, etc.
  3. We then take an inventory of your available resources and how they are invested and run a projection. We use a Monte Carlo simulation to see the probability of achieving your goal.
  4. We will then make a recommendation based on your preferences to adjust components of the plan such as retirement age, spending, asset allocation, etc.
  5. Iterations will be run until the most desirable outcome and high probability of success is reached.
  6. Review at least annually, or when major life events occur, and adjust accordingly.

High Valley is compensated for the planning services by either an hourly rate, a flat fee, or an on-going subscription fee, based on your unique need for service.


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