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Our Mission


We listen to your vision, passions, and dreams. We strive to understand your challenges, concerns, and uncertainties. The core of our mission is to become your advocate and help you navigate through your own financial planning journey using informed and rational decision-making practices. Listening is the foundation of our service to you.


We aim to align your current resources, needs, wants, and wishes with appropriate tools, investment products, and programs. Because investment markets are prone to volatility, we help you pay close attention to trends, fundamentals, and sentiment and adjust your portfolio to stay firmly on your financial path.


Unanticipated conditions such as illness, injury, death, or changes in estate and tax law could greatly hinder achievement of your goals. By staying alert to the marketplace and monitoring your individual progress, we strive to identify your unique risk exposure, address its potential impact, and plan for actions to absorb, transfer, or avoid such risks.

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AiRung Liu

Owner/Certified Financial Planner™ & Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy®

(510) 870-0725

(510) 857-1098

AiRung Liu is the owner of High Valley Financial Planning Services. High Valley Financial Planning Services is a privately owned, diversified, and full service financial services company located in Fremont, California. Depending upon...

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